Category: 80/20 Rule

  • Writing

    It’s easy to think of content writing as purely a writing task. But in actuality, almost 80% of the time it takes to create content involves everything but writing, including ideation, research, formatting, editing, and marketing/promoting. Only 20% is spent writing. Source Focus on the 20% of your writing that delivers results and ignore the […]

  • Crypto

    20% of the effort is responsible for the 80% of success. Since the 80/20 rule is a fractal, the ratio can be 10/90, or even 1/99. In other words “less is more”, or just HODL.

  • Relationships

    The 80/20 rule states that if a relationship is great 80% of the time, the rest can be less than ideal. After all, it is impossible and unrealistic to find a person or a relationship that is perfect all the time. Source

  • Eating

    On the 80/20 diet, you eat healthy nutritious foods 80% of the time, and indulge and have more freedom on the remaining 20%.

  • Games

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is problem solving. Start every design project by clearly identifying what problem the design is going to solve. Graphic design is a form of communication, it’s visual communication. Every design object has its message and target audience.

  • Construction

    Good result is 80% of perfection, great result is 90%, and the 100% perfection is ideal result. 80% is enough in most situations, and it’s considered good quality. To achieve the 80% of result it can take only 20% of effort, when planning in advance and working smart. But to achieve the additional 20% (the […]

  • Software Development

    20% of effort produces 80% of results, but the last 20% of results consumes 80% of the effort. 20% of software bugs require 80% of debugging effort. In any website, web app, or software environment, the 80/20 rule tells us that 20% of the functionality and features in any one environment will be responsible for […]